BBC Breathing Places - Spot Some Ladybirds!

The UK Ladybird Survey worked with BBC Breathing Places in the summer of 2010 to record ladybirds from across the UK through the Ladybird Survey. We were extremely pleased that 18 species of ladybird were reported through the BBC Breathing Places Ladybird Survey. The top five species were: Harlequin, 2-spot, 7-spot, 10-spot and Orange ladybird. There were also new 10 km records for Heather and Water ladybirds (south-west Scotland).

The UK Ladybird Survey and BBC Breathing Places also launched a Ladybird Parasite Survey which will contribute to our understanding of the natural enemies that attack ladybirds.

Although Breathing Places came to an end in December 2010, the survey goes on. The surveys are easy and fun to complete and there are many free downloadable resources on the BBC Breathing Places web pages to help you take part in the Ladybird Survey and Ladybird Parasite Survey, including: ladybird identification charts, teachers notes, survey forms and even dominoes.

School pupils looking for ladybirds

Purple class, Oldfield Park Infant School, having fun spotting ladybirds.