Welcome to the UK Ladybird Survey website

Coccinella septempunctata © William Purvis

7-spot ladybird (photo: William Purvis)

The Ladybird Survey aims to facilitate the recording of all the UK's ladybirds.

On this website you will find lots of information to help you find and identify species, and online forms so that you can record your observations.

Ladybirds belong to the scientific family Coccinellidae. In Britain, some 46 species belong to this family, although only 26 of these are recognisably ladybirds.

The invasion of the harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) threatens our native populations. If you want to know more about this species in particular, or want to record sightings, please have a look at the Harlequin Ladybird Survey website.

Use the links in the menus at the sides of this page to find out more about ladybirds, and what you can do to help.

New Ladybirds Handbook Published

This revised and updated edition of Ladybirds (Naturalists' Handbooks 10) provides a succinct but comprehensive and accessible overview of the biology of ladybirds and their parasites, focusing on ecology in an evolutionary context.

Authored by the Ladybird Survey organisers, it is hoped to be of value, not only for students, from school to university and beyond, but also for anyone with an interest in natural history, whether professional or recreational.

Available from the publishers, Pelagic Publishing, and good bookshops.