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Where did you see ladybirds?

If you spotted ladybirds over 100m apart, please complete a separate report for each site.

Please type an Ordnance Survey grid reference in the box below.

A 6-figure reference in the form TL123456 is ideal


A few more details

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If you spotted ladybirds in more than one habitat, please complete a separate survey report for each type.

If other, please describe.


Which species? How many?

Record all the ladybirds you saw. Click images for details.

  • Harlequin ladybird
    f. succinea

  • Harlequin ladybird
    f. spectabilis

  • Harlequin ladybird
    f. conspicua

  • 2-spot ladybird
    f. typica

  • 2-spot ladybird
    f. sexpustulata

  • 2-spot ladybird
    f. quadrimaculata

  • 10-spot ladybird
    f. decempuncata

  • 10-spot ladybird
    f. bimaculata

  • 10-spot ladybird
    f. decempustulatus

  • 7-spot ladybird

  • 14-spot ladybird

  • 22-spot ladybird

  • Cream-spot ladybird

  • Pine ladybird

  • Orange ladybird

  • 24-spot ladybird


Do none of the ladybirds above match yours? View 16 other species.

  • Adonis’ ladybird

  • Bryony ladybird

  • Cream-streaked

  • 18-spot ladybird

  • 11-spot ladybird

  • Eyed ladybird

  • 5-spot ladybird

  • Heather ladybird

  • Hieroglyphic ladybird

  • Kidney-spot ladybird

  • Larch ladybird

  • Scarce 7-Spot ladybird

  • 16-spot ladybird

  • Striped ladybird

  • 13-spot ladybird

  • Water ladybird


Your photos

Upload a photo of the ladybirds you've spotted

A photograph makes your report much more useful to scientists but you can submit a sighting without one.

If you’re happy with the information you’ve given us, please submit your report...

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